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Joel Amat Güell

About Joel Amat Güell

Joel Amat Güell (born Joel Amat Güell) is not an academy award winning writer, instead he just draws things for a a living. He has designed t-shirts and a huge range of garments for a lot of clothing companies you’ve probably never heard of and some others that you probably have. He also writes movie scripts for movies that will most likely never be made and poems that will probably never be read but he does it for fun so he’s ok with it.

He has illustrated a comic book written by Jayme K. called The Extractor. He also loves riding his fixie but this information is irrelevant here.

He is the owner/founder of a charity project called FADE TO BLACK

He also runs a side project with author Jayme K. named UNHOLLYWOOD and THATLITSITE

Joel Amat Güell joined Society6 on December 14, 2011.