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I had been thinking of starting a blog. After several months of mental reasoning (excuses), some of which include: not enough time, I don’t know how to blog, nobody will read it, how do I connect a blog onto my website, and, what will I blog about?..I finally had enough excuses…and they were getting me nowhere.

So, here it is. My first blog post which I am planning to write often. Every day perhaps. But it is still too soon for me to guarantee a daily post – that sounds like too much commitment for now.

I have to write either late at night or early in the morning before Lucy (2 1/2 yr old daughter) wakes up. Oh yeah, that was another excuse…”I can’t blog because I am too busy being a stay at home dad – I don’t have enough time.”

The WAKE UP! Van
I purchased my van in 2007. It is a big white Ford E-250 . Whenever I see a large white surface, I see a blank canvas waiting for something to be created. I really never thought I would be the person with an "Art Car" but as soon as I purchased the van, ideas began swarming into my head. "What should I do with this big white van?" After a few years, and many - many ideas. The winning idea was to create a huge WAKE UP! collage on the side of my van.

Since creating the WAKE UP! van, I have had lots of people take pictures, ask for photos, and want to see more. So I started making my own prints and selling them (or giving them away).

I do a few art shows each month, and since I'm not able to bring my van into the shows, I decided I needed to create a Wake Up collage on canvas to share with people.

This is my latest mixed media painting on canvas. Very similar to the design on my van - it has the same overall message - but the dimensions were a lot smaller and more difficult (and more fun) to cut and paste onto canvas.

--- Update --- So this will be the challenge with my Blog: Lucy woke up about 2 hours ago and since that time, we have had breakfast, done "potty time" twice, fed our rabbits, shoveled and turned over the compost pile, and now Lucy is having a snack. So I have a few more minutes to write...and I think this is already getting too long for a blog - right?

One more thing before returning to the bunnies and compost pile with Lucy (I know, life is great). More info about the "WAKE UP!" concept can be found here

Thank you for visiting my blog and joining me on this journey.

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WAKE UP! Original Collage/Mixed Media and Acrylic on Canvas - By Joel R Harris

WAKE UP! Original Collage/Mixed Media and Acrylic on Canvas - By Joel R Harris