Daniele Nicolucci

Daniele Nicolucci is an Italian photographer based in Chieti, Abruzzo.

Passionate about computers and technology in general, during his childhood he experimented with a Pentax film camera before discovering a real interest in photography in 2003 that led him to publish two photobooks ("Glimpses" and "Burgo Chieti: l'ultimo corteo").

This is only a subsection of the photos I have on my Flickr page: http://flickr.com/photos/jollino My photography is also on Facebook: http://facebook.com/daniele.nicolucci.photography

I can be reached at daniele [at] nicolucci [dot] eu; my website is http://nicolucci.eu/

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Cutting Board by Daniele Nicolucci

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Cutting Board by Daniele Nicolucci

Shrouded Cutting Board
Shrouded Cutting Board
by Daniele Nicolucci