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About Jordan Bowman

My photography has turned from a small creative outlet into a full–blown passion. I love the mix of art and technology, the way you can document the beauty of life, and how expressive it all is. This shop is my extension of that passion.

So why outdoor photography? A few reasons: I wanted to narrow down the scope of my work because it forces me to improve as an artist and it's better for an online shop, anyway. I have a great appreciation for the beauty of nature—I think what comes out of nature is always much more aesthetic than anything man–made. And if that's the case, then why not take pictures of the most beautiful thing available? I also really enjoy being outdoors, so it gives me an excuse to get outside and adds another level of passion to my work. So, in this way, this shop is a kind of paean to the outdoors and nature.

I hope you enjoy your experience at this shop. Feel free to shoot me any questions or comments you may have: email me at jordan.d.bowman [at]
Jordan Bowman joined Society6 on December 30, 2011. Verified on November 6, 2014.