About Kenny Nguyễn

My name is Kenny, and I am a prospective art student, who is currently residing in the city of Boston, Massachusetts.

At the moment, I am pursuing my future career path as a young professional artist at The Art Institute of Boston.

As a matter of fact, majoring in Illustration and minoring in Fine Arts have given me the strength to verbalized and truly understand various forms of techniques as well as enhancing my mark making.

I am interested in all kinds of Illustration, but for the most part, conceptual and surrealistic ones are my favorites out of all the others. Furthermore, I am also very into different variations of Printmaking techniques such as Drypoint, Etching, Aquatint...

Please contact me at hnguyen2@lesley.edu if you are interested in any of my works or visit the following page for more information about all the pieces and myself as an artist http://www.kennynguyenart.com/

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