Kate McC

Like the song, Shanghai Breezes, says "I haven't quite been around the world, but I've been around a lot. I know that distances are meaningless... " My images are from travels far and wide, and my lifelong home: the Puget Sound region. "They say" have a "style", but I don't. Every subject calls for its own approach. The challenge is to try and answer these questions: What makes this place where it is? What makes this experience what it is? Both the memorable and the mundane are part of the answer.

My personal blog is "XingfuMama.blog":http://xingfumama.blog. Come on by to get to know me better. My, very slowly, evolving photography portfolio website is "theSquirrelChase.com":http://TheSquirrelChase.com.

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Shams by Kate McC

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