Rare Screenie
Rare Screenie
I abhor posting screen caps, but this is impressive by my standards at the moment.

This is the last design for the Dead Astronauts Collection part one.
T-shirt color limitations SUCK.
So. I'm going to work on an alternate version that's been colored, and textured and all O' dat at some point.

I don't remember his/her name but the artist that created the "reaper" series has REALLY inspired me to try an mimic his style of coloring in those pieces specifically.

*cartoon mob boss voice*
"that's right. I've put out a hit on a society6 member. and it'll do me damn well, see?"
Bah> commented on November 20, 2012 5:19pm
Interestingly enough I might add, she's an angel of death, which in other words is a reaper...