Katie Hibbard

Living each day with a deep desire to create, I have noticed God’s creation of nature and community continue to inspire and enrich me. My clients are co-creators and my competitors are becoming collaborators. I believe in using design thinking to improve and to bring joy to life—whether it be food, garden, thread, or design. I believe that it is important to respect and to stay true to the original form of every material. I want to give back and do my part by making timeless design for good. The Katie Hibbard brand identity acts as an essential symbol that grasps my culture and originality. It is important to love the items that we own—with care-filled design they will never grow old. I believe in sustainable design practices that leave no unnecessary harm to people or to the planet. From cradle to grave—sustainable practices lead my brush, thread, spatula, and shovel.


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Framed Prints by Katie Hibbard

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The Healing Garden Framed Art Print
by Katie Hibbard
Produce Palette Framed Art Print
by Katie Hibbard