Kat Armendariz

I am a creative, hands-on professional with expertise in graphic design, art direction, project management, video production, video editing, animated graphics, motion graphics, content writing, and team building. I thrive to drive top search engine rankings while enhancing website visibility. I am a multimedia specialist who expertly researches and develops emerging concepts and trends. Tech-savvy and creativity are some of my specialties, I'm also an artist offering previous creative success within a wide-ranging, team-oriented environment. I multi-task and manage time in fiercely competitive, fast-paced environments. I thrive working across functional teams, including marketing, technical production, public relations in sports and entertainment and sales. I am driven to exceed marketing objectives and strategies while adhering guidelines, everything is done by-the-books. I enjoy working on all projects collaboratively with the design team from conception through to final production. Cinematography experience has given me the opportunity to be knowledgeable about cinematic procedures, as well as the latest technologies, editing software and cameras.

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