video feature and opening shots of Migrations
Some video Gavin McGlynn of Denver shot for an opening earlier this month.


A little about the show
“MIGRATIONS” is about the ebb and flow of humanity; those who’ve traveled across the country, and the world, taking little with them except a taste for a brighter future. We are constantly moving and striving for something better, yet often drawn back to our origins, to honor those who came before us. An escape, a journey, an adventure combined with coming home, returning with new experiences and a sense of wonder in the world around us.

Migrations are not always spurred on by a lust for adventure or knowledge; sometimes they are forced by disaster or ill will. But each movement offers a chance; a chance to start again, a chance to be better, a chance to return if we want, or to head forever on towards the horizon. These changes are not up to us; this urge is embedded deep with in our own humanity. Sometimes we do not even understand the why, we just understand the need: move, forward, pushing, striving.
This movement, this journey is often the end itself. Our joy in being on the road, our excitement in the next adventure. Whatever has spurred us onward, it is this movement that is our true joy.
Migration. Explore, escape, journey, wander. We do it because we must.
and of course, you can view the show at http://www.flickr.com/photos/illitera...369866518/
Ill be posting the images here too.