About Kelly Rose

Yes, Kelly Rose is my name. Kelly Nicole Rose Wilkinson (see I took the best parts out). I made this account to give myself someplace to put and sell any and all things art that I have and will create. One of the strangest and perhaps most apparent of my personal qualities is my admiration for all things beautiful. The usual response is hatred and cries of vanity, which I will admit I have to an extent, but I like to think of it as an appreciation for aesthetics. I am a walking contradiction.. A perfectionist who does not prefer perfection.. An emotional who finds drama pointless.. An honest disposition with (as I’m told) a pretty impressive poker face.. A “fraidy cat” who plays horror video games. It’s all quite hilarious if you ask me. And now for lack of a more clever way to wrap this up.. here are some random facts.

I’m attending a four year university for a B.F.A. with a concentration in Graphic Design and/or Photography which will be followed by a master’s in Film.

I love all things of the visually appealing nature; which includes anything from drawing and painting to theater and dance.

I would pursue fashion marketing in another life.

I’ve moved into my first apartment and I love my roommate.

I’m beyond obsessed with vintage fashion and natural hair at the moment.

I am of the firm beliefs that “shopping is cheaper than a therapist” and “book covers are made to be judged”.

I am female.

I love to write.

I can be horrifically awkward. (which leads to..)

I spend just about all my free time reading or blogging.

Email: krose@bykellyrose.com
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