About Sara Jordan

My work is a repetition of a series of moments that feel quiet, ordinary, meditative, and utterly pivotal in their simplicity. There is lingering theme of the extraordinary in the ordinary. My work reflects human yearnings for calmness. In my work, a focus is given to the unrealized, cyclical, and mundane events of every day life.

I have expanded my studio practice beyond traditional printmaking processes by introducing digital media, including hand-drawn animations. Intaglio and relief processes remain a primary means of expression in my work, as well as painting and drawing.

The animation process, by offering the potential for moving images and narrative sequences, provided me with an alternative way of capturing what I call the “gem” moments in life – those special, fleeting moments that often pass without notice. My work seeks empathy from the viewer, and I let the representational style of my drawings and my choice of subject matter make this emotional connection. The animation process has enhanced my ability to edit, catalog, and arrange my drawings, paintings and prints into a more concentrated visual and emotional experience.

My extensive series of paintings and prints began as an organizational system to catalog places where I have lived or traveled. It was a way of capturing and documenting my surroundings, as well as a method recalling personal memories. Repeatedly drawing these simple places, full of everyday moments, became my way of preserving time. My work began with my travels from my home in Pennsylvania and West Virginia, to my studies at Cranbrook Academy of Art, to Korea and Japan, Metro Detroit, coastal Florida, and New York City. I plan to continue working with this format of combining traditional prints and hand-drawn animations wherever I may end up next.
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