About Kitty Judge

Hey there folks! My name's Kitty, 19 year old lady that does creative stuff!

I'm currently in my second year of university studying for a degree in illustration at Hereford in the UK. I also work at a small tattoo studio in Evesham, UK, where I design and do tattoos!

I do lots of different styles of work and don't stick to "one" thing like a lot of people do. I often experiment in printmaking and mixed media, I guess I just haven't really found "my style" yet.

From working in the tattoo studio for over three years a lot of inspiration has been gained from there, especially with old school tattoo designs and more traditional takes on things.

I have many influences, even if they don't always show up in my work. I remember dreams, nightmares, emotions, artists, and other little things that I have picked up though out my life in my work.

If you wish, you can achieve.

Find me on...
Twitter - @KittyBambi
Tumblr - www.kittybambi.tumblr.com
My blog - www.Kittyjudgeillustration@blogspot.com
Email - kittyjudge92@gmail.com
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