About Kpandravada

I am an artist & film maker doing what I love since 2004. I like to express myself through several mediums of visual art, ranging from game design/art, film and animation to sculpture and installations.

Since June of 2009 I have been working at Carnegie Mellon University as an Art Director. I am the Art Director and Game Designer on Robot Virtual Worlds, a set of educational games that teach programming to middle and high school students. Additionally, I am in charge of all the art and video work done for marketing and web purposes as a motion designer. Occasionally, I create robotics curriculum and organize robotics workshops/competitions for middle and high school students.

Outside of my professional work, GOLDBUG PRODUCTIONS is a small unit I run with my brother Raj Pandravada. We work on exciting video projects & take part in several film competitions and contests. GOLDBUG mostly comprises my non-filmaking friends who show a passion for the art and we love creating engaging video projects. We get the name from the Edgar Allen Poe short story "The Gold Bug" and more importantly the teams musical inspiration, the Alan Parsons Project.
Kpandravada joined Society6 on May 6, 2016.