If I were a ship
If I were a ship
- If I were a ship, definitely I were a little ship - thought Clemente. And it was very obvious why he was saying so: Clemente was a little boy, small of stature and very fragile.

- I could flee of the whole world and to appear in a magic place when I only wanted. If I only were a ship - was dreaming Clemente sadly …

- If I were a child - thought small paper ship. It was a small ship, made of old fabrics and paper.

- I would have a nice shoes and nevermore my feet would get wet … and also I could run, run a lot and to be faster than the gulls. If only I were a child … dreamed sadly the paper ship.

But Clemente did not know that the ships sink, that they pass cold and that not always come to the places they want. They can be destoyed by angry wawes and remain left in the depth of the Seas. As the paper ship did not know that the children fall of so much while running and they hurt their legs, that very prompt they became adult and at that time to run so much already is not allowed and that the shoes do not last an eternity, besides the fact that there is nothing better that to put the barefooted feet into the Sea!

No, they did not know anything of this and they continued dreaming, the two, so sad and insecure, in the shore of the Ocean.