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About Unraveled

Unraveled is actually a clothing line that I have decided to extend to home wares with the help of Society 6! A little bit about my brand:

Unraveled began when I decided to jazz up some old t-shirts of mine one day, purely out of boredom and handy pair of scissors. I began cutting, shredding those beauties until they were something I was happy to wear again. I had fun, and kept going with it until I was starting to think, man, I could sell these kind of tops! And so it began.

Nowadays, things are much the same, except instead of scissors, my tool of the trade has now become my screen printing press. I have a blast making kitschy art, and hope that others will enjoy wearing it. Unraveled is a beach inspired clothing line. Combining the So-Cal surf scene with a little bit of quirkiness and edge, Unraveled is for girls who aren't afraid to have some fun.
Unraveled joined Society6 on January 29, 2011. Verified on November 30, 2012.