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Tessar Lo :: future perfect :: LeBasse Projects
Tessar Lo :: future perfect :: LeBasse Projects
LeBasse Projects presents "Future Perfect"
a solo exhibition by Tessar Lo

April 11th May 2nd
Opening Reception: Saturday, April 11th, 7-10p

LeBasse Projects is proud to announce "Future Perfect," the first solo exhibition from artist Tessar Lo.

Lo developed his first solo show around the idea that the future is completely unforeseeable. Only in our dreams can the future be a utopia, and while anything is ultimately possible, the reality is we do not know where we will find ourselves.

Los paintings often depict these ideas and emotions he cannot easily express in words. While on the surface Los work often has the feel of an intimate storybook, upon closer inspection we see a deep sense of vulnerability and loneliness. The paintings for his solo exhibition continue to develop these feelings as he states his desire to be an island - alone, not needing to rely or respond to anyone but himself. The series of paintings are also larger in scale than anything Lo has worked on before, partly directed from his fear of being a merely decorative artist and partly from his increased confidence in his craft.

The unique emotion and techniques that make up Los work have turned him into one of the most buzz-worthy emerging artists working today. With shows booked into 2010 from London to Los Angeles and appearances at Art Basel Miami and in NY on the horizon expect Los first solo exhibition to be a significant step in what will undoubtedly by a significant career.

For additional inquiries or preview please contact:
Beau Basse, gallery director or 310.558.0200