Lee Bots

Instagram: @Leebots

I love to bring new life to what other people might consider old, useless, or out of date parts. These bots have been a passion of mine for the past five years. Never knowing where the next great part may come from. Will it be from a Garge sale? A flee market? Restore, or at an antique store? Who knows, but I will find those over looked parts and give them a new chance at life. Being that, the first bot, Rupert, came from an old scap pile of metal, in my grandma’s garge. Anything’s possible.

The bots get taken across the United States. Each one finding a new home at different art festival, comic book convention, and Maker Faires. Far from the scrap piles they once knew. Along with the US travels, you can find your very own bot sculpture on my Etsy shop. Ready to be taken on your own adventure

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