Marc Adiutori

left always felt just right to me.
There's a world of left handed souls, minds, and creatives searching for a place where they can be themselves unashamedly. If you're looking straight ahead - you'll never see them.  They live in the highs and lows of life - the creative reservoirs that come from the exhilaration of happiness and the isolation of sadness that fuel intense creative zones.

Passion rarely exists within a life lived in the middle for only when one has understood great sadness can one feel such happiness.

Initially, I came up with the idea of Left Handed Soul when I searching to find a place where I belonged in this world.  The world was just as frustrated with my backwards way of doing everything as I was frustrated with this world for not considering alternative points of view.   What I found is that I am anything but alone. What I found was a community of people looking for the same.  Left Handed, Right Handed - it doesn't matter - it's the soul that counts.
Left Handed Souls understand what I mean by that. If you do, then welcome friend... it's good to see you.

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