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About LesliePinto

My name is Leslie Pinto, i'm an artist & graphic designer from Cali, Colombia, i was adopted by a loving and caring women called Paulette Ghitis, she is my mom. Thankfully she has always encourage me to follow my love for art, since i can remember i have always been painting, my birthdays presents were usually crayons, colors, and paints, anything related with art.

In high-school i was the girl who makes all the school signs and decorations for the festivities, the good thing also was that i could skip class!. My thesis for graduating from high-school was also very related with art and with women's interpretations, well i picked 5 art pieces from different artist like Leonardo Davinci and had to reinterpret the characters with women bodies, maintaining the expression and concept of the masterpiece. Well it came out really cool, at that moment i didn't paint women's faces, just their bodies, which i find very interesting.

With time i keep exploring to find my own style, and went to college to study graphic design, i think i was very constructive also for my artwork, well you learn a lot about colors composition which i think its very important for an artist, also i learn the difference between art and graphic design, well art is very personal, graphic design is communicating ideas, and not all the time yours but your clients ideas, thats why i'm kinda picky with my design related jobs, well i wouldn't like working and communicating an idea i'm not in accordance with, while art is more like materializing your thoughts and emotions through a canvas in my case, well i think it's so personal, i can't paint thinking on how will i sell it, or to what target am i showing it to, i can just think in my canvas, in my idea, in my emotions and how am i going to take it all out and getting to a point where i see it and i feel such satisfaction i think it's finished.

The last semester of college i came to live to the US to Fort Lauderdale to do my internship in Freemantle Media and work on my college thesis which was based on children's illustration. After i graduated i came to live to Miami Beach and started selling my art work in a little table in Lincoln Road, which it was really good in the high season, but in summer it was really hot and there were almost no people, so i had to find another job that would give me a more stable income and i started as a freelance illustrator for Office Depot,it was a dream job! i painted and illustrated all the time, all the characters for the notebooks, folders and other pieces, but the project ended shortly and i had to look for a job quickly so i started as a sales associate in Crocs and in Zara, after a year i decided to look for a job in graphic design again and started working in Telemundo for a while, when i realize that i was just working to pay my bills and my dreams, illustrations, animations and art where disappearing, so i left my job and started as a freelancer, now i have been doing some design and illustrations for diferent type of companies and also opened a etsy store and this society6, which i hope they can become my number one priority and my primary job, so i can paint and design everyday and hopefully be known for my work.
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