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About LindaWexlerArt

Linda Wexler is an American Artist with accomplishments in several mediums; these include museum quality Miniature Furniture Reproduction,custom hand-painted porcelain sinks, tiles and accessories, Murals, Artworks for the Healing Arts, Licensing of Original Art, and an Author/Illustrator of a Children’s Book.

Linda studied fine arts painting and drawing at the City University of New York, and further at Hofstra University where she received an M.Ed., with a focus on Art History.

At the beginning of her professional career, Linda became a frequent subject in national publications for her acclaimed work in museum-quality Miniature Furniture Reproduction; her notable commission in this field began when a collector flew Linda to Paris, so she could replicate a Chateau’s room of Louis XV furniture. Linda’s miniature work has been displayed in The Carnegie-Mellon Museum in Pittsburgh, PA, the Cooper Hewitt Museum, The Rockland County Historical Society Museum, the Museum of The City of New York, and the Frick Museum, all in New York City, plus the Flagler Museum in FL Linda was not only the recipient of this recognition, but shared her expertise thru lectures and demonstrations throughout the country, and conducted workshops at The Maine Maritime Academy, and International Workshops at Seaton College in Canada. One of the highlights of this period in Linda’s Art career, was the production of the Window Christmas Rooms of Cartiers in New York, 1980. During this phase, when Linda studied historical furniture design, she was commissioned by the University of Maryland to create an authentic production of an English Tudor Feast, including research of the foods, furnishings and dress of the period; Linda personally crafted 52 of the costumes for this production, and it was written about in the February, 1978 issue of Forecast Magazine and was sponsored by the Folger Shakespeare Library of Washington, D.C., in a February, 1978 performance.

The fulfillment of lecturing and demonstrations, including teaching a course at the Smithsonian Institute in drawing and painting, led Linda to share her gifts with young, curious minds, and became an Art Teacher for nine years in the New York City Public Schools; although she truly loved her years in teaching, it became clear to her that she wanted to challenge herself with more commissioned Art projects; with this understanding, Linda left the public teaching world, and simultaneously was awarded Teacher of the Year in her district.

The next phase of Linda’s Art career began with commissioned Mural Artworks for public display; Linda quickly became well-regarded for her innate ability to immerse mural depictions of the commissioned Art in a comprehensive visual storyline in several Mural commissions from Corporate and Government entities; her gift to accurately paint the emotive character in faces, became nationally recognized when she was asked to produce a large backdrop image of Dr. Martin Luther King at Bill Clinton’s Presidential Campaign Launch in Washington, D.C.

Linda’s generosity of spirit and sensitivity has perhaps best been recognized in the Healing Arts, where she has been commissioned to paint original Art for hospitals; once again, Linda’s Art quickly became well-recognized at national healthcare conferences, where her Art has been featured and invitations were extended since 2010 for Linda to speak to conference attendees about the specific colors and stylization relevant to successful Healing Art.

While enjoying all of these commissions, in 2011 Linda began a phase of more personalized Art where she began creating original licensing images of patterns, including vegetables and fruits; Linda is a skilled home chef, so the design of food images was a natural outcome; Linda has created several dishes utilizing local fresh markets and sustainable food choices.

As a lifelong dream, Linda wanted to Author and Illustrate a Children’s Book; she accomplished this desire in 2013 with “The Sleepy Animal ABCzzz” available on ; Linda is excited to be able to share her artwork thru the store she has recently joined.

Linda remains deeply grateful for all of the opportunities that many private individuals, corporations, and universities have provided; she is especially grateful to the UCLA Housing and Hospitality Division for their recent licensing acquisition of vegetable and fruit illustrations.
LindaWexlerArt joined Society6 on July 15, 2015.