Drops of Jupiter
Drops of Jupiter
Drops of Jupiter

Your eyes are pools of somewhere unknown
An ancient soul, so fully grown
Barely here yet presence strong
I know not where you belong
There's drops of Jupiter in your eyes
That give a stare so pure and wise
As you stand before me - a beautiful lie?
Perhaps you belong in the starry sky

This piece is from my next body which looks as animals as gods, and giving nature an elevanted status.
In ancient Roman religion and myth, Jupiter is the king of the gods and the god of sky and thunder. Jupiter is usually thought to have originated as a sky god. His identifying implement is the thunderbolt, and his primary sacred animal is the eagle. Here I have use the Stag to tie into the mythology of Jupiter, as I think of Stags as other-worldly creatures which I use a lot in my work. The colouring for this piece was inspired by Roman Catholic iconography where they use a lot of gold and royal blue to add importance to the sacred figures, and it was also inspired by the piece 'The Golden Cell', 1892, by the symbolic artist Odilon Redon . A poem also came to me after I finished this piece, so I feel it is part of it. I used to write poems to go with my artwork, perhaps this is something that will carry on with this body of work....Acrylic and metallic paint on canvas, 60x60x4cm (2012)
Fimbis commented on December 24, 2012 9:30am
Great! Merry Christmas! :)
Dr. Lukas Brezak commented on December 25, 2012 2:47pm
Amazing!!!!!!! ( - . - ")
LOUISE MCNAUGHT commented on December 26, 2012 9:01am
thank you!! :) x
I am mof commented on December 26, 2012 7:53pm
Beautiful Louise.