'Highers', spray paint, acrylic and metallic paint on canvas, 59x82x1.5cm (2013)
I often use hummingbirds in my work as I find them other-worldly, like they almost exist in another dimension. The way they are so small, light and fast and their intense beauty almost make them seem like a figment of the imagination. The hummingbird symbolises many different concepts. Because of its speed, the hummingbird is known as a messenger and stopper of time. It is also a symbol of love, joy, and beauty. The hummingbird is also able to fly backwards, teaching us that we can look back on our past. The hummingbird has powerful spiritual significance aswell. In the Andes of South America the hummingbird is a symbol of resurrection. It seems to die on cold nights, but comes back to life again at sunrise.
The Aztecs believed their warriors changed into hummingbirds when they died to travel celestially with the sun-god Huitzilopchtli, as they also bealieve hummingbirds were the source of the suns heat. One of the widespread beliefs is that hummingbirds, in some way, are messengers between worlds. As such they help shamans keep nature and spirit in balance. Hopi and Zuni legends tell of hummingbirds intervening on behalf of humans, convincing the gods to bring rain. Because of this, people from these tribes often paint hummingbirds on water jars. The Hopi kachina for Hummingbird depicts him with green moccasins and a green mask. He has an aqua body, and he is yellow on top of the head.

In this piece I have shown hummingbirds in the context of these ancient myths and folklore, and the 'higher' status they held as god-like creatures with strong connections to the spirit world. They are depicted in gold and silver to elevate their status and show the connection to the sun and rain, with drips of gold rising in the background hinting at their association with rain, existing in a deep blue-purple numinous space...
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