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Lydia Martin

About Lydia Martin

My hometown is San Diego, California. I've been creating art as long as I can remember. It's part of who I am and if I go too long without it I feel out of whack. I draw, paint, and digitally design but my favorite medium is acrylic paint. It's a good one for working fast and getting my ideas out of my head and onto the canvas quickly. But I don't just paint on canvas, I also love to design skateboards, surfboards, furniture, murals and more! Most of my work focuses on images of nature and the female figure-probably because I relate to these things the most. I always have a hard time categorizing my work but if I had to I would say it's surrealism/figurative/dreamscape/romantic....see what I mean? I get my inspiration from EVERYTHING! Life is an inspiration and art is my therapeutic expression and my POV. I used to show my art in galleries all over the US but now I stick to local shows and online. I also teach art at an after school program. I'm thankful for my creative outlets.
Lydia Martin joined Society6 on November 22, 2013.