About Mariana, a miserável(the miserable one)

As a young girl she wanted to be a florist, but soon she took the liberty to lead a life of “misery, gutter and rock ‘n’ roll”. She had her share of bizarre love triangles and other square stuff, and when she doesn’t think of herself as god… she believes he’s just a divorced middle aged man with hearing damage. With one foot near the abyss and the other on a marriage of convenience, she sold her heart at a souvenir shop to pay the water bill. At the source of everything she does lies one big jam pot of personal stories looked upon with a magnifier, from the next door neighbor to no good people, stories of flowers which can’t be smelled, of love, unlove, goodbyes, bizarries, restlessness, of rare animals or even nonexistent ones, happy endings or just plain endings, of cardio cytologies (whatever that means) and of ugly, smelly bad men.

Mariana, A Miserável(the Miserable One) joined Society6 on July 22, 2011. Verified on July 29, 2011.