Matthias Gaucher-Petitdemange

Welcome to New York City !

New Yorkerization is a selection of my personal works . During summer 2011, I spent 4 months in New York for fun and for photography. I usually sketched my ideas on my notebook then I walked the streets looking for the pictures I had in mind. Finally I mixed all the photographs (up to 40 for the displayed pieces).

If you are interested in other prints (aluminium...) feel free to contact me.

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Rectangular Pillows by Matthias Gaucher-Petitdemange

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New York Skyline 1 Rectangular Pillow
by Matthias Gaucher-Petitdemange
New York Skyline 3 Rectangular Pillow
by Matthias Gaucher-Petitdemange
New York Skyline 2 Rectangular Pillow
by Matthias Gaucher-Petitdemange