I’m an American artist living in California.

I’ve been doing photography since high school, but it was not until just a few years ago that I discovered a penchant for pinup photography. I immediately fell in love. It is a style that combines sexiness and silliness in a bright, happy, occasionally polka-dotted package.

There is something magical about the genre. It speaks of an era where the rigid male-dominated power structures were just beginning to erode. There was a shift in the tone of how women were being depicted. Outlandish costumes not withstanding, they began to be shown as assertive, fun-loving, and conscious of their own sexuality.

In my own work, I try to convey a mood of playful flirtation and self-aware satire. I like my photos to be sexy, but I strive to make them in such a way that “sexy” is not the first adjective that comes to mind. I’m hoping for something more like… delightful.

As a photographer, I love working with other people. Modeling, makeup, hair, wardrobe: these are things that I rely on other talented artists to provide. Thank you to all you unsung heroes of photography!

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