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I am a designer, business-owner, ideaspot(er), follower, leader, thinker, dreamer, observer, reader, joker .... er....rrr.. oh yes! : humble..r, bold(er) & BLOND(er) :)

my latest personal project is WOCADO. WOCADO - WOrds CAn DO is all about capturing and visualizing the power of words and quotes and applying them on images, posters, paintings, facebook timeline covers, t-shirts, mugs, e-cards and more.. I love creating empowering images and items you can carry, wear or share so you can stay motivated and share the love and inspiration with your loved ones all day, every day!

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Woman On Ship Rails_Print Posters by © maya lavda / wocado

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Tree Silhouette II Poster
by © maya lavda / wocado