Art By Mal

Mallory Donen is an abstract artist who likes to experiment within several mediums including drawing, painting, photography, and print media. Her process focuses on formal elements of art such as form, line, composition, and shape. These technical elements are what draw her to particular subjects or in some cases, inspire her imagination in the creation of abstract images. Donen is intrigued by the formal elements found in nature, mundane objects, and things in life that are often overlooked or unnoticed. In addition, she finds inspiration within textures, patterns, and repetition. The purpose of her work is to inspire the viewer and help them to appreciate the beauty of the world we live in. In addition, Donen's work is meant to be experienced uniquely from one person to the next. Therefore, what one person sees or interprets from the work can be completely different from someone else.

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Wall Murals by Art By Mal

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Untitled Wall Mural
by Art By Mal