About MoArt Rotterdam

I am a Rotterdam based yogateacher (mainly power yoga and yin yoga style).
So if any of you want to follow one of my classess, please check: www.moyoga.nl

Around january 2010 I started making pictures with my Nokia 6600 Slide and this hobby 'escalated' :-)

In August 2011 I stumbled upon Society6 and I LOVE this place!!!
A LOT of cool art and NICE people! And you can EARN some money as well :-)

You can find more of my artworks on www.moart.info

For my 'Urban Roffa' project check: www.urbanroffa.nl

NOTE: I DO have a DUTCH artshop now!!! Check: http://www.werkaandemuur.nl/index/sho...d/895/shop
MoArt Rotterdam joined Society6 on August 27, 2011. Verified on August 27, 2011.