About Moca garcia

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Layering and process form the crux of my artwork theory. Using media as expected as acrylic, diverse as tape, wood, collage and found objects, I grow my ideas out of the lot of them. I deconstruct my own artistic vision as I rework my tangle of emotions, nightmares and souls through these mediums.

While each piece is unique, there are often similar processes each item must undergo for the end result. The process must happen in stages for each of the mediums inherent in the work and that results in the history effect of the piece. Each layer has a story in the artwork and comes to the surface as intended.

Sometimes my art reproduces familiar visual signs people identify with. Often, I intend to cause a reaction with sensitive subject matter or humor in tandem with subjects that strike a chord.

My ideas play with themes of religion, fairy tales, man vs. himself and life and death. My inspirations come from Mexican customs, skulls, birds, seven deadly sins and the masks we all wear. The text that is visible provides clues to content and interpretation of hidden meanings. I have been playing with ideas of death, memento mori/viveri lately and have used my huge history of attending multiple funerals in my youth.
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