Moisés Ferreira

I am an artist and I live in Praia Grande, São Paulo in Brazil. It's a wonderful place, where I work and spend a few days of the week fishing.. Participate in various exhibitions throughout the year and work primarily with oil on canvas.

Also develop logos for various countries. I am currently developing a parallel visual arts, digital work with vector programs such as CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator and some abstract works with Photoshop and Painter.

I am available for custom digital works that will be posted here on Society6 for sale.

Thank you for appreciating my work and please leave your comment in the arts.

Want to know me better, visit:

Moisés Ferreira


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Duffle Bags by Moisés Ferreira

3 results
Rest bike Duffle Bag
Rest bike
by Moisés Ferreira
The guitarist Duffle Bag
The guitarist
by Moisés Ferreira
LOVE Duffle Bag
by Moisés Ferreira