Storyteller : script | design | art direction Last employers : Dargaud, Aardman, Cartoon Network, Esmi

Raised from a young age to Disney, Marvel, Spirou or Dragon Ball, it’s most natural that Morja walked to the sequential narration called “graphic novel” Almost, because initially he worked several years in animation studios (Aardman, Cartoon Network).

Incidentally, he is born in 1974 in Bordeaux (France), has very pretty hazel eyes (it seems) and a scar on his right hand like Harlock. He loves: graphic design, create universes, japanese estampes, writing lots of scenarii (for him or others), teaching (Esmi, Este) and his mother omelet potato. But it’s especially the author of the bubbly and goofy trilogy "Malice and Catastrophe" (Dargaud) and a lot of future projects as sweet as him.

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Wall Art by Morja

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