The Lost Album Covers opening
Hey everybody out there, I have deleted my old account due to some difficulties and misfortunate URL name.. so i decided to make a new account before I started posting anything for real.
But as some of you might know this is a project of mine, it all started out when i wanted to transfer the old theme songs and soundtracks from old videogames like Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Mario Bros. to my iTunes and on to my new iPod Nano (YEAAH FLASHY!) but then I surfed around looking for the original album covers for the soundtracks and i couldn't find any and those i found was looking awfull.
I started making a cover and it turned out really simple and great, which was what i was aiming for. That gave me the idea to make more of them trying to go on with the same concept.
At this point i have not decided how many I will be making, but I will post them as i finish them and I would be glad to take some requests too if I am able. But until then: Enjoy everybody, hope you will like it and throw some comments and critiques.