About Erik Finsrud

Norik is the working name of graphic artist, Erik Finsrud. Originally from Sedona, Arizona, he currently lives in Brooklyn, New York with his Amazon parrot, working full time at R/GA as a Senior Visual Designer.

At R/GA Erik played a lead roll in creating the visual language for Nike+ Training, and the Nike Running Website . He's also designed for Converse, Intel, Google, and Audi.

Outside of the agency work, Erik has been a contributor to the first digital art collective, Depthcore, since 2007. In 2009 he founded Typcut, where he curates a selection of work from other artists and designers with an interest in experimenting and creating outside of the comfort zone.
Erik Finsrud joined Society6 on May 25, 2009. Verified on September 2, 2009.