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About NosProd

Nos -never over strange-
I'm painter, designer and webmaster.
Mainly interested by the eccentricity and the originality.
My work is described as oneiric and I hope what is presented here will pleases you.
Do not hesitate to criticize.

Influence and Inspiration
Yoshitaka Amano, the magician of the illustration, known for Final Fantasy, Vampire Hunter D, The Sandman...
He influences me in all my creations and I don't grow tired to contemplating his works.

Nobuo Uematsu is a genius of the musical composition.
He is my favourite composer since Final Fantasy VII (1997)
and I have make my most beautiful works by listening his music.

Listen Nobuo's music and contemplate the Yoshitaka's art. It's a travel to another world.

Have fun !
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