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About Notsniw

Hello I’m Nots, short for Notsniw, a name I created as a kid because I like reading my first name backwards.
I work as a Makeup Artist and Freelance Illustrator.

Caution! This is the longer version of my about section, so if you like to learn more about me, read on! 😉

I was born in Toronto, Canada, then moved to Los Angeles around four. As a child, for as long as I can remember, my favorite themes were unicorns, faces, fashion and eyes. At the time I using glitter, markers, and colored pencils. I drew alot of eyes with my pen directly on my jeans while the teachers were lecturing. Pop music, superheros, and watching old school classics films on VHS were my source of inspiration. I still even have a VHS player up till this date just so I can routinely remember to be a kid!

Fast forward – I studied fine arts and received a bachelors degree at California Polytechnic University in Pomona California even thou afterwards I found out that I didn’t even need to go to university as an artist. Nevertheless it was a great experience I must say because I learned a lot about using different mediums, studying various subjects and old school artists to broaden my perspectives, and made some really good friends. A lot of my practice after University are from self exploration and experimentation. Learning by doing.

After many twists and turns in life, many jobs, and a near death accident, I became a freelance illustrator.

After university, I worked in Los Angeles as a Graphic Design Layout Production Artist for Los Angeles Business Journal. Later on I took my position as an Art Director for a Photo Studio on Sunset Blvd. One of my true callings didn’t really hit until I helped the in house photographer on a photo shoot because he needed me to check the makeup and clothing in order to minimize digital retouching.

My mind exploded with the question “how exactly do I apply makeup as smooth as possible in order to minimize retouching?”
Sooner or later I was the one doing all the makeup applications for head shots photo shootings of actors and actresses, as well as retouching them to learn what I needed to excel in for a great beauty application. One learns by retouching their own failures.

I got so many jobs as a makeup artist so I quit my Art Director position and in between took mini-jobs at MAC Cosmetics. I furthered my cosmetics application education with different cosmetics mediums and consistencies, skin tones and textures, as well as learning how to talk about a product, which comes in really handy up to this date.

After a freakish near death accident, I needed a calmer environment to work, so I moved to my dream city of Berlin in Germany, where I live now. How I began my foremost true passion of illustration had somewhat to do with my makeup jobs. As an Artist I carry a sketchbook everywhere with me. On films jobs and fashion shows traveling to Italy, France, United Kingdom, Spain, Austria, Germany, I would have a sketch book full of illustrations, inspirations, and projects ideas.

My illustrations reflect Iconic Vintage Retro Pop Culture Fashion of Trendsetters. I am also addicted to humor, patterns, and animals dressed in human clothing.

My hopes that you will go on this life exploration journey with me as I share with you a little glimpse of me and my inspirations, as you cherish the pieces that you take from my journey into your own life enhancing positive life experiences.

warm greetings, Notsniw


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