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About Bureau Oberhaeuser

Bureau Oberhaeuser is a design bureau focused on Information- and Interface Design. The Bureau was founded in 2011 in Hamburg by award-winning designer Martin Oberhäuser. Our work is inspired by our passion for complex data visualization and informationdesign. We believe that almost every challange can be solved with creativity and design thinking. Design is a tool that can help finding the rigth solution.

We describe our work philosophy like this: "Information is beautiful and life without information is impossible. But it needs someone to filter the mass of information around us and turn it into something read and useable. This is what we do: We create well structured Informationdesign that is easy to use and fun to look at."

We work with clients like Deutsche Telekom, Airbnb, IPG Mediabrands, Steelcase, Tickr, PepsiCo, Adidas, Audi, BMW, Cisco Systems, MySpace and others.
Bureau Oberhaeuser joined Society6 on January 4, 2012. Verified on January 4, 2012.