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About Oekie

In dreamland there's is a place where Oekies live. Oekieland is full 2D, cute as can
be, little human-like, creatures. Their world is much like ours: There are days and
nights, green trees and blue skies, but also good and bad. The difference is that they
live in harmony. A balance between all living things, which you can only dream of.

There are 53 Oekies and they are all unique. Oekieland is a world open to everyone.
So if you want to visit it, just close your eyes. There's probably a welcome committee
awaiting you!

®Oekie is a registered brand, please do not use, copy or edit any images without
written permission from me.

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Oekie joined Society6 on August 28, 2011. Verified on September 4, 2011.