Sibyl- [Michelle Boshart]

Conceptually, I have been working on this series to consider what it means to be both an individual and a member of a community. In this series, I have attempted to show the interconnectedness of each object, idea, city, and person. I work as a full time painter and am looking to push myself and my community further by asking complex questions about the nature of our reality and how the collective consciousness may be altered or perceived anew. I create the landscape of my reality, so how can I share that best? It is impossible to be only and individual; together we create our realities.

Mankind is continually evolving, improving our environment for the next generation. These paintings aren’t about seeing reality as it is, but challenging the viewer to imagine a new reality for the future.

Many of these works are fun and intriguing to view because they can find a bit of themselves in each piece, for there are many hidden images used to tell a story. They are also easy to display at a distance because I have taken into careful consideration balance, harmony and the flow of the overall piece. Some pieces can even be presented to the public more than once for viewing by turning it at a 90 and 180 degree angle. I used the idea of up and down and turned around to further the questioning of concepts pertaining to reality and environment. All we sometimes need to do is change our point of view and a whole new burst of creativity will arise without having destroyed or changed the old way of seeing.

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Travel Mugs by Sibyl- [Michelle Boshart]

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Totemic Travel Mug
by Sibyl- [Michelle Boshart]
4 of hearts Travel Mug
by Sibyl- [Michelle Boshart]