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About Over7seas

Welcome to my new Society 6 shop window. If you know me then you know that I sell a variety of original Art as well as photographic prints and here on Society 6 a small selection of my creations.

Please consider to buy from any of us Artists, represented here on Society 6, in Etsy, on Ebay, wherever you find us. Often the sales price is not a lot more than at Habitat, yet you get something far more unique and in turn also connect with a real life artist who make their living one small Art work at a time.

I am a professional Artist, and was listed as one of the 40 to watch in 2011, by Catlin Art prize and the UK newspaper The Independent. I hold a postgraduate qualification from the prestigious Goldsmiths University in London.

I am multi-talented, which can confuse some clients. Instead I see it as a fantastic gift to be eloquent in the fields of drawing, film and performance as well as photography and yoga.. I eat well, cook well and love to share my meals.

over7seas is an idea I have had for some time. I aim to sell original art works and photographs - often inspired by places I have been and seen. On Society 6 you will be able to purchase prints of original works I sell on Etsy.


buy original art and handmade crochet scarves and cowls and slippers:

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I have an irrepressible blog habit...

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Over7seas joined Society6 on June 17, 2012. Verified on June 17, 2012.