Chameleonic series - request an artwork with the colors from an image you choose
Chameleonic series - request an artwork with the colors from an image you choose
Ciao, probably this is the first experiment in creating "on demand" generative graphics on Society6. With this system you can ask me a Panelscape or Written Circles personalized compositions with the colors you like.

How it works?
It's very simple! You only must be registered to www.society6.com
Locate (or upload) an image on the web, it could be a photo or graphic design. The personalized artwork I will create for you will have the colors of the image in the same proportion of the original one.

- copy and paste the URL of your image in a comment in this post and please indicate
- the composition you prefer between Panelscape or Written Circles.
- what you would like to buy among iPad Skins, iPhone Skins, T-Shirt, or Pillow.

For example
- http://www.latavernadisantos.it/taver...monto2.jpg
- Written Circles
- iPhone

Some tips
- If you want a poster for a room, take a picture of the wall you planned to adorn. In the picture try to include near elements like doors, windows, floor or other hanging posters.
- If you want an iPhone cover take a picture of detail of the fabric of your favorite garment: you could wear a nice combination.

Try it now, you are not forced to buy!
In a short time I will prepare a custom composition with the colors of your palette and I will show the url of my composition in the comments of this post. If you will like it you can buy it but you are not obligated to do so.
Have fun!

( Chameleon graphic is based on Andrea Schieber's picture http://www.flickr.com/photos/anschieber/6459416547 )