Karyna Amador

Hi, I'm Karyna, a graphic and surface designer (and persistent doodler) living in Miami, Florida.

Many of the hand drawn patterns, designs and collages you'll see here I create plain and simply because I love it. Sometimes I try to evoke a particular feeling or mood, or at least an inspiring positive intention behind it. Sometimes I just let the patterns be whatever they want, not representative of anything in particular. Regardless, they truly are a form of meditation and grounding for me.... and they're fun to make.

You may also view my personal graphic and surface design portfolio at: www.KarynaAmador.com

STAY CONNECTED & SAY HELLO: BLOG – http://papersquid.blogspot.com INSTAGRAM – http://instagram.com/karynaamador FACEBOOK – http://facebook.com/papersquid PINTEREST: http://pinterest.com/papersquid FLICKR: http://flickr.com/papersquid TWITTER: http://twitter.com/KarynaAmador EMAIL – info@papersquid.com SHOP NEWSLETTER SIGN UP – http://bit.ly/9M5jRp

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