The Fisherman's Daughter, 12" x 12" Oil Painting
The Fisherman's Daughter, 12" x 12" Oil Painting
oil paint on a 12”x12” gesso board, by Magen Mitchell

The Fisherman’s Daughter was inspired by Hokusai’s 1814 shunga print, Dream of the Fisherman's Wife. Some may misinterpret Hokusai’s print to be an act of beastial rape, but the dialog in the text of the piece tells a different story. As in Hokusai's print, The Fisherman’s Daughter depicts mutual pleasure. The girl places her arm triumphantly over her cephalopod lover and they smoke their cigarettes with cathartic relish.

But this modern beauty is no pearl diver. She wears a young girl's clothes and her expression is aware and daring. She openly flouts taboo with contemptuous cheek.

10" x 10" Giclée Prints available in April 2012 through www.paperwasp.net

Painting will be included in Kayo Gallery's Annual Knock-Out Show from Friday, February 17th to March 16th.
Tim Lee commented on March 6, 2012 10:56pm