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For Max
For Max
Oxidized Copper & Zinc
Numismistic commented on September 6, 2011 12:59pm
Sculpted onto the body of a US one cent piece, "Max" is from Andrew Marshall Alper's series of coin sculptures. The project, spanning over twenty years, has seen many different phases, changing as the artist’s relationship to the medium has changed.

To promote the current phase, the artist is releasing several high quality images to Society 6 and a number of other outlets for public consumption. Currently, original sculptures cannot be purchased, and may only be received as gifts. To receive a sculpture, the recipient must first agree in writing to never sell the gift below a non-disclosed numerical value, they must keep it in good condition, and treat it with respect and care. Gifts are given based on the artist's affection for the recipient, and that alone. Breach of contract voids the transaction and ownership returns to the artist. For more information on obtaining an original coin sculpture, email the artist at