About Pollyhgreen

Creating art brings me JOY.

I paint because it is an urge. It is something in me that needs to come out, that has to be expressed.

While creating I enter another zone, a place where time stops and I am entirely in my own world.

Some of my work is a long evolution, beginning a piece and letting it sit for some time before realizing what the next layer needs to be to make it complete. I commonly will rework a piece and paint over it. A lot of my work is layered and has the depth of transformation, which symbolizes life. Things are never the same always changing.

ART comes from my soul, and have been feeling a sense of FREEDOM in my art lately. Breaking through some invisible barrier that I had constructed around what an artist truly is and what art is. Now I just don’t care. I am doing what brings me joy.

My main objective is to make people smile, and bring more light to the world. If my art can achieve that then I am happy.

Today I am grateful for getting clear with my artistic passion. Grateful for Color Explosions. Expression. Freedom.

Polly is also a writer, filmmaker, and psychic medium. Visit her website: http://www.pollyhgreen.com
Pollyhgreen joined Society6 on September 19, 2017.