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Pom Graphic Design

About Pom Graphic Design

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My World, My Mind, My Inner Soul

Pamela Gallegos, a Peruvian Artist born in Miami is the vision behind Pom Graphic Design. Living in a country with such a rich culture is where it all began. Pamela's influences are from her desire for travel and adventure. She made the connection between harmony in nature and the art within it - which is manifested in her designs.

Her art focuses on natural elements in all its force. You can see many organic and geometrical multicolor shapes in each piece. She communicates life, energy and forces of nature through her art and gets inspiration from different cultures and art movements. The fabulous colors, textures and shapes she uses speak about a wonderful world, a world in which cultures and dreams mix.

“My mission is simple. I always believed we are in this world to do our part, to leave our mark, and that is what I intend to do in the best way possible. I dream, I envision, therefore I create and I try my best to make this world a better place with what I can offer. I know art is a beautiful and real way to unite humanity, so I always intend to reflect what is real to me, to leave a positive mark through my art with happy fulfilled clients.”

Pamela Gallegos
Pom Graphic Design

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