'83 El Camino Love Hoody


'83 El Camino Love

by Vermont Greetings

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American Apparel Zip-up Hoodies and Pullover Hoodies come in a variety of colors and sizes. Complete with kangaroo pocket this stretchy, comfortable fit, unisex cut includes double-stitched cuffs and hem.


This is my favorite extravagance. It gets 11 MPG, needs shocks all around soon, only on the road for 5 months a year because it is treacherous in Vermont snow, but there is nothing like the feeling of driving it! Additionally, it is the perfect woman's truck because although it only has a 400 pound payload I am not building a house, I am going to the dump, the garden supply store, letting the dogs ride in the back, and helping friends move. Priceless.

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