86401 Leap Second 2015 (white version) by jezkemp

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86401 Leap Second 2015 (white version) by jezkemp
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86401 Leap Second 2015 (white version) Rug

86401 Leap Second 2015 (white version) Rug
86401 Leap Second 2015 (white version) Rug
86401 Leap Second 2015 (white version) Rug
86401 Leap Second 2015 (white version) Rug

86401 Leap Second 2015 (white version) Rug

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Reimagine the classic home decor essential: our Rugs feature one-of-a-kind designs printed on a subtle chevron weave. From understated styles to bold statements, find the perfect throw rug to accent any room.

  • Available in three sizes
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  • Machine washable
  • Skid pad is included
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Did you know there’s a leap second in June 2015?

At midday on 30th June, clocks will read 11:59:60. There will be 86401 seconds in the day, instead of the usual 86400.

This is to keep our time measurement with the spin of the Earth, which has slowed down very very very slightly.

The Earth’s spin can be affected by many things, including large earthquakes and climate patterns. But of course these changes are only very tiny.

Sometimes the Earth’s spin speeds up, and “negative leap seconds” are needed – i.e. a second disappears. How cool is that!

Leap seconds have only been added 25 times since 1972, this will be the 26th.

If we didn’t add leap seconds, the sun would start slipping from the middle of sky at noon.

Leap seconds are decided by the Paris Observatory

Enjoy this very geeky design! For more information check out the Wikipedia article on Leap Seconds: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leap_second

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