A tree with no name and two chairs Leggings


A tree with no name and two chairs

by Patrick Jobst

Our proprietary six-panel cut and sew construction provides an unprecedented quality in fit and versatility with an adjustable waist line for wearing high, low or somewhere in between. Using the highest quality anti-microbial polyester spandex material, these premium leggings wick moisture and remain breathable, making them perfect for running or runways.


Cooling shadows. A hot issue on similarily hot summer days. Two chairs have grown out of nothing under this tree, and materialized to watch a beautiful scenery. Actually there is nothing much else here to do, so watching is always a good choice.

Date : June 06, 2015
Location : Schlammersdorf, Alberndorf in der Riedmark, Upper Austria, Austria, Europe
Hiking trail : A4 Steinbach-Alberndorf, A5 Weikersdorf-Alberndorf

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